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Zoclo térmico Heatrim American

Características destacadas

Potencia nominal
Zoclo de 8"
Potencia termica total
700 BTU/hr
Tipo de calor
Radiación / convección

Otras características

Zoclo de calefacción hidrónico – Heatrim American


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1 – ENCLOSURE TOP AND BACK PANEL – is of one-piece
steel construction for strength and durability. Smooth
surface won’t collect dust and lint. Lower portion is
extended 3/4″ out from wall to cover any openings
between wall and fi nished fl ooring and to let panel stand
unaided while being fastened to wall.
2 – SNAP-IN BRACKETS – are die-formed of one-piece
heavy gauge galvanneal steel to support front panel and
element where required; can be located at any point
along back panel.
3 – ENCLOSURE FRONT PANEL – is of fl at, dent-resisting
steel; fi rmly snaps onto brackets either way (there is no
top or bottom edge) and is easily removed for cleaning
when necessary.
4 – AIR INTAKE SPACE – allows unrestricted circulation of
air for maximum heating effi ciency and permits easy
cleaning underneath element.

5 – PIVOT-MOUNTED DAMPER – allows positive fi ngertip
control for easy opening and closing from any point along
its length; can be set in any position to regulate heat fl ow.
6 – ENCLOSURE INTERIOR – gray prime coat provides
background so that brackets and element blend in.
7 – HEATING ELEMENTS – two high-output elements are
available, each with heat-refl ecting interlocked aluminum
fi ns (vented for maximum performance) bonded to
seamless copper tubing for quick response, high I=B=R
approved ratings.
8 – SILENT SLIDE SHOE – Made of heat resistant nylon
material which provides sound insulation and allows
smooth element expansion motion.

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